Types and Priorities

Dig Safely New York categorizes types of requests based on several criteria, which is referred to as the priority of the notice.

Priorities allow us to create rules for destinations (i.e.,route specific ticket types to the right place, at the right time).

Dig Safely New York identifies and assigns the following types and priorities:

  • Emergency Tickets: Excavation will begin within 0 to 4 hours, AND is to resolve a threat to life, property, or vital utility.
  • Priority Tickets: Excavation will begin within 0 to 4 hours, and IS NOT to resolve a threat to life, property, or vital utility.
  • Insufficient Tickets: Excavation will begin within 4 hours and less than 2 full working days.
  • Regular (legal) Tickets: Excavation will begin after 2 full working days.
  • Design Tickets: The caller is planning a layout and needs to know where your facilities are and will be in the future. If applicable, route these requests to an engineering, planning, and design group within your organization.
  • Gas Emergency Tickets: The excavator has hit or discovered a gas pipe, and believes there may be a gas leak. These tickets are normally sent to gas utilities only, and they are not a substitute for calling 911.


Dig Safely New York sends several thousand location requests to its members each day, and occasionally one or two of those members will experience a problem with their equipment that prevents them from receiving these requests. Dig Safely New York can resend tickets to these members.

A member can determine if they have missed a location request by using the sequence number on the tickets they have received. Each day, the first ticket a destination receives is given the sequence number 1, and the sequence number simply counts up as more tickets are sent to that destination. You can detect a missing ticket by finding gaps in the sequence numbers on the tickets you have received. Sequence numbers are not for the service area — they are for the destination (sequence numbers have nothing to do with service areas).

In addition, members who have opted to receive a daily audit can compare the audit against the actual tickets received to verify all tickets were delivered.

Should your equipment fail to receive one or more location requests, contact the Dig Safely New York call center at 1-800-309-8289 during normal business hours. If you are unable to correct the problem with your equipment, tickets can be sent via your alternate delivery method.


Dig Safely New York keeps records of all location requests made in the past 4 years. A search request is required to obtain any location request more than 10 business days old, starting from the day the request was made.

If you are not the person, company, or organization who placed the original location request, a search request is required regardless of how old the ticket is.

For legal purposes, Dig Safely New York cannot consider the result of a search (or lack of result) as authoritative unless you have provided an exact ticket number. Dig Safely New York must always treat any other type of search result (or lack of result) as being speculative.

If you are not a member utility (or a representative of a member utility) there is a $25 fee for each search, payable by check only to Dig Safely New York.

Proceed to the Search Request form

Additionally, Dig Safely New York keeps recordings of all location request for several years. There is a $75 fee for Dig Safely New York to provide a copy of the conversation to a first or second party of the location request.